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(collaborators and delegations in all provinces)

AUMAR Direct

Transport with trailer in 24 or 48 hours, from 1 to 33 pallets.

Aumar Direct sends you the shipment with a trailer between 24 and 48 hours without manipulation and total flexibility thanks to the collaborators and delegations that we have in all the provinces. From 1 to 33 pallets.

AUMAR Express

Transport from 1 to 33 pallets with lifting door in less than 24 hours. Shipments throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Aumar Express has the ability to reduce traffic times in less than 24 hours, thus offering an optimum management of deliveries of 1 to 3 pallets with a lifting door. The shipments are throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

AUMAR International

International transport with trailer, from 1 to 33 pallets. Daily service with routes throughout Western Europe.

Aumartrans offers international services of direct pallets with a trailer from 1 to 33 pallets. Daily routes throughout Western Europe.


Regional distribution in Catalonia with vehicles adapted to your needs.

Aumar Cat offers a regional distribution throughout Catalonia with vehicles adapted to your needs.

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AUMAR Urgent

Urgent transport with dedicated vehicles.

If you need to send shipments urgently, Aumar Urgent will solve it with total security. Vehicles dedicated and adapted to your needs, the highest quality at the lowest price.


We specialize in giant superficies, deliveries with concerted hours.


Innovative direct pallet system. Patented by Aumartrans

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