Where you want to reach, Aumartrans takes you.


Not only is our priority, but the business philosophy
that subjects Aumartrans since its formation.

Aumartrans was founded by Ángel Ausín in 1990, nevertheless, his business philosophy comes from Transporte Peñacoba, a prestigious transport company that was born in Burgos in the 40’s and later acquired by the same Angel Ausin.

At the moment the second generation of the Ausín family with his son David at the head, takes the generational relief of the company with the aim of expanding markets towards Europe creating an international transport department, without forgetting its specialty of direct transport “door to door” and offering the greatest commitment of service, proximity and flexibility to its customers.

The huge increase in activity experienced during all these years and the trust placed by a large number of customers is just the confirmation of the great management and good service; In addition to patenting and introducing into the market the “paleteria DIRECTA” system where all are advantages: without handling, without intermediate storage and therefore, without incidents.

Taking into account the progressive level of sales, the largest entity of our customers and the growth that is required by the current business environment, we decided to acquire a new warehouse equipped with the latest technologies in the logistics sector that allows us to cover the needs of the Our customers and expand our services.

Our central warehouse has its headquarters in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona), with an area of more than 5000m2, so that the reception processes of merchandise, storage, picking, stock control and refurbishment of merchandise are optimal.

We have a team of 25 professionals able to advise and offer you the best attention.

For greater logistical flexibility we have a warehouse of more than 1000m2 in the industrial estate Congost de Granollers, where there is no space to store and distribute merchandise.

New facilities!

10.000 pallets
10.000 m²
10 loading docks

In order to comply with our commitments, we have a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles at your disposal, of which around 500 are constantly on the way throughout the country. The coordination of these vehicles is carried out by a dynamic Department of Traffic in charge of managing the routes in the most efficient way to be able to meet the needs of all those customers that place their trust in us.

We have the most advanced computer systems in our sector so that our customers can know the status of their order at all times. But who really does our growth is the great human team formed by more than 25 professionals.

In Aumartrans our KNOW HOW is based on developing a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, to contribute actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement.

We like sports and we use our company to promote it in the form of sponsorship. In the present we work with three football teams: F.C. Speaker, Private Foundation Sports Club Jupiter and F.C. Cardedeu. The hope to collaborate with the athletes and share their achievements prides us and encourages us to continue supporting basic football.

At Aumartrans we are aware of the great impact that our activity can generate on our environment so we carry out a series of actions to raise awareness among employees and clients at the environmental level.

With the satisfaction of our customers thanks to our quality services we offer to be able to meet their expectations, we eliminate any kind of deceptive practice. We have a post sale service to process and register possible claims.

Aumartrans is a transport company that offers the trucks as if they were your own fleet, always at your disposal. We deliver the shipments with your own delivery and we return it duly completed. We make deliveries at the hours arranged by customers and we keep them informed of the location of their shipments instantly.

Within a few hours, with the same ease as a courier company, we collect goods with a load capacity from 1 to 33 pallets in a truck type trailer. Direct shipments arrive anywhere in Spain in a maximum of 24/48 hours, from leaving their facilities until they reach their destination.

Our App 2 “SMART TRACK” will let you know the status of your shipments at all times. If you prefer, with a simple call, our team of professionals will be able to provide you with the information.

Aumartrans never ceases to serve their customers. At any time of year we maintain the same level of service at 100%, even in summer. Without possibility of failure.

We offer door-to-door rates that will be better than the current direct shipment rates you already have. Depending on the volume and frequency of shipping, they can be further improved. Customized treatment. We collect the pallets and deliver them directly, without delay, without groupings and without manipulations. With more than 50 years of experience and more than 2000 rotating trucks, we can offer you an optimal and personalized service.